John Hobbs Course Scholarship Program

The Story

John HobbsOn March 3rd, 2014 my friend, Detective John Hobbs with the Phoenix Police Department’s Fugitive Apprehension and Investigations Detail (FAID) was shot and killed while affecting an arrest of a violent offender.  The suspect was able to shoot both John and his partner just as they exited their vehicle.  John was struck in the chest.  Despite his fatal wound, John returned fire with his carbine, striking the suspect numerous times, ending the fight.  John was aware of the severity of his injury and was able to relay a final message to his friend and fellow detective at the scene.  Johns partner, also seriously injured, recovered and eventually was my squad mate and friend on SAU.  He is also an unbelievably courageous man.

I will not go into the tragedy of such a loss.  We all know and feel these things.  However, I will highlight the determination, skill and sheer ferocity shown that day.  Warriors often imagine and sometimes discuss their own final stand.  Johns came to fruition that day.  He did not faulter.  Like a true warrior, once the violence was done, he turned his final thoughts to his family.

Some will read this and feel sad, while others will read this and feel something else. The latter are my brothers and sisters.

In effort to maintain the memory of that day and to perpetuate the warrior culture, TruKinetics will give one free spot to an officer who has demonstrated outstanding character and skill in the performance of their job duties.  This will be entirely peer driven with the selection of the recipient chosen by TruKinetics.

There is no better commendation than the recognition of one’s peers.  This is an opportunity to do so.  If we don’t take care of our own, no one else will.

How it works:

“Officer A” is interested in enrolling or has enrolled in a particular TruKinetics course that is open for the scholarship program.

Any peer or supervisor of “Officer A” can submit a brief narrative by email, describing an incident the officer was involved in that is deserving of recognition. Submissions will be reviewed by TruKinetics staff and one officer will be chosen to receive a free spot in the selected course.

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