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David Norman

TruKinetics was founded by Dave after retiring from a major city police department after 23+ years. During his time as an officer, Dave worked patrol on the midnight shift, moving on to help create the department’s fugitive apprehension unit, and then spending the next 13 years as part of the full-time SWAT unit. This unit easily has one of the highest operational tempos in the country; quickly developing experience second to none in this field. Dave was also an instructor of several disciplines; primarily CQB. Dave developed a passion for developing the skillsets of fellow tactical officers, as well as patrol, specialty units within the department, and other agencies within the state. Along with running TruKinetics, Dave is also a contractor for the Department of Defense.

TruKinetics was created to provide the skillsets and tactics needed to confront today’s challenges. I am committed to offering training based on real world experience and skills applicable in high stress environments, not flashy theatrics that only look cool on the internet. I, along with our other instructors, teach from a base of knowledge gained from operational experience; success as well as failure. I guarantee an instruction style that focuses on student success, ensuring you have a true working knowledge of the information presented. We offer a variety of tactics-based courses for all size teams, individuals, and experience levels, tailored to your specific needs.

David Norman

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